In December of 1993 I was on college break from my 1st semester in an Electronics Engineering Technician program at a local community college. At the time, I had pretty much concluded that my music career was either over or in a long term hiatus and was focusing on a "New Trade" as diligently as I had focused on making Angelica albums.

While helping out at a friends local
music store I received a call from another good friend by the name of Mark Joseph (Mark was instrumental in negotiating the Japanese distribution for the Angelica albums).

Mark asked if I'd be interested in being the lead guitarist for the Michael Sweet gig as Mike was planning a North American tour in support of his debut solo album. Oh Man......if you saw any Northern Lights around that time, it was probably my pipline of prayer for direction....

I accepted the gig, took a hiatus from school (for a year) and had a pretty cool experience. My only regret is that I never got a chance to collaborate on some tunes with could have been sweeeet!

Here's an inside look from my perspective: 

This photo was taken in Nashville around the time of the GMA awards of '94. At the time the lineup was from left to right, me, Mike, Scott, Jamie and Paul. I couldn't resist the pose......would you?

While on a much deserved break we had wandered in to an amusment park in Ohio. This pic is of us (me on the near side of the looking glass) rehearsing a karaoke of "Hotel California". The booth had a loud speader out in front blasting all performances and as a result we (more likely Mike) ended up having a crowd around the booth when we were finished recording. When I find the tape I will post an MP3 of the song. Mike does a bone chilling version of the song.

" can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...." this was the bone chilling line in the new rendition of the song.

Bus fever is analogous to cabin fever and usually leads a little bit of silliness. Here is Mike's impression of Cousin It.

This is a backstage photo taken just before we went on at the Creation festival in 1994. I don't recall the name of the band, but I know that it was the band that Drew Baca was doing the light show for on their tour at the time. That's my rig on the left hand side and Paul's keyboard riser on the right.

This is me and Toby McKeehan from DC Talk taken before a show near Toledo Ohio. I have some cool video footage of this show with Michael singing with them onstage that I will be posting (up until the Sweet and 'Talk camps find out).

One of the many practical jokes caught on film is of Jamie gutting and stuffing our soundman's fish pillow with Yoo-hoo and Snackwells. You'd probably laugh a little harder if you knew Steve.

Drew (the singer on my 3rd and 4th album) and I ended up bumping into each other a couple of times while I was on the Michael Sweet tour. This pic was taken backstage of the '94 Creation festival.

This is a photo of me and Michael Jackson on our tour bus. No, actually it me and the organizer for an instore appearance that we did in Miami. I've faked a few people out with this pic......this guy should be doing an MJ clone act, don't you think?

I must pay tribute to the poor soul that had to room with me throughout the tour. This is Paul and I just before leaving for the Creation gig. Gimme a call bud, haven't talked to you in about 8 years.

Another instore appearance with an acoustic set. The record store was too small so we had to perform outside. I can't remember where this photo was taken.....the only clue that I have is that it was near Pet World.

Here's me at Pet World I hope the kid behind me can get my guitar stand out of his nose.......Ha!

This was a cool experience playing at the St Louis baseball park. I have some stage footage that will follow....stay posted.

Here's a picture of my adorable mother who came all the way to the Creation festival from Ontario Canada (along with my wife Mandy) to pick me up as we had a 2 week break from the tour coming to us after that show. I had my mom pose for a pic in the tour bus as she has been stereotyped by the family as being a road runner ......"Beep, Beep".

These photos were given to me and are copywritten '94 by Denise C. Keeran.

Here's Mike and I at the Creation '94 festival.

My Pappy always said "There ain't no shame to 'fessin up to yer mistakes!"

...I should have had a wireless headphone mic like Scott's in the picture above, then I wouldn't come so dangerously close to missing the vocal cues...25 yard dash.

This was take at the first show we did at Knotts Berry Farm in CA.

Here's the band along with some friendly folk that we met at an in-store ......somewhere, U.S.A.

I collected alot of media (audio and video) from this experience so have an inside look: 

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